A Click Away from Hours

udontdonothinOver the past few days, I’ve been unfocused. While trying to find a topic to write about, I found myself clicking from one site to another until I realized I was reading about some celebrity story that happened a year ago. And I don’t even follow celebrity gossip!

But I can’t help it when I find fun websites; I can spend hours playing around on them. Typing and uploading pictures to come up with something new. It’s crazy. It’s obsessive. It’s… freaking fun! Even though these sites are a waste of time, they relax me and sometimes provide me with writing ideas.

Like this site, Take me back to, so I could find out what was going on in the world the year I was born. We’ve seen those booklets sold in stores with the magnified years on the cover. Here I can just type in, August 7, 19(still young) and read about it. Born on a Wednesday, the week most people in the U.S. were listening to Hello, I Love You by The Doors, one of the popular books published in the last weeks was A Small Town in Germany by John le Carre. Hmm… could that have been a sign for the future?

Love is in the air in Germany. Maybe I should have used this as my cover for my women’s fiction / chick lit novel, Fogged Up Fairy Tale. This site, Glass Giant, lets you create your own romance novel. See how this helps the creativity bloom.romance_novel

waterfallAnd here at Funny Photo is creativity at its best! Who wouldn’t want to be immersed in a waterfall? The Denise would, that’s who.

Or how about this one for all you lovebirds out there? If you forget to get something for Valentine’s Day, all you have to do is print one of these out from Cryptogram and give it to your sweetheart.

heart heart2

Here’s a nice site for those who aren’t crazy about dressing up for Halloween. Makemeazombie actually makes you look like a zombie. Print it out, tape it to your face, and Voila! Instant costume.

zombieAs much as these sites allow me to enjoy creative time, so many addicting online games keep me busy too.

This Throwpaper game is great when you’re at work and you’re out of paper.

Carve a Pumpkin leaves no mess.

To end this post, I’d like to share this with all the lonely guys out there. Invisible Girlfriend puts an end to searching for that perfect girl. Just go and build yourself the girl of your dreams. Remember, fluids will affect your computer. And ladies, you too can get that perfect Invisible Boyfriend who you can talk to at any time.

Games, Creativity, and Procrastination,
Baer Necessities

There’s a Silver Lining Out There!

I’m proud to announce that our poetry anthology, Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence is available now on Amazon. All author proceeds go to Futures Without Violence. Not only will you read raw, beautiful poems from poets from around the world, but you’ll also be giving to a worthy cause.anthology_smaller
This is the introduction to the poetry anthology.

The idea for this anthology came to me after reading and seeing countless stories and articles about violence. Violence doesn’t discriminate against age, color, or ethnic group because the defects of humanity know no bounds.

I needed a way to show my frustration regarding such senseless, inhumane acts we do to one another. We are supposed to be evolving into better people. With all the rapes, molestations, wars, murders, and other forms of violence seen every day on the news, I worry about the disgrace of humanity and where we are headed.

Poetry is the best way I could think of to share my sadness. I reached out to new and seasoned poets, who wrote these poems based on personal experience, feelings, or thoughts about violence. After reading these poems, I recognized the dimensions of cruelty across the globe that have pierced the hearts of all. Whether we live in Ohio or Dubai, we hear about the brutalities humanity inflicts. We come from all walks of life, and most of us want the same thing—to live in a peaceful world where tolerance is the norm. There are no reasons or excuses for violent behavior or making another person feel inadequate. The perpetrators of violence lash out because of their own inadequacies. Unfortunately, the innocent are caught in the crossfire.

Working on this anthology has been a humbling experience. I was able to get a glimpse of so many lives through the poets’ words—a journey every reader will get to take.

This anthology is a way to bring awareness to violence, personal or global acts. I hope these poems shed light on the cruelties that occur every day. Your purchase will make a difference, because all author profits will go to Futures Without Violence.

This anthology opened my eyes to the fact that violence, near or far, effects all of us. We ache for the losses from war. We cry for the kidnapping and rapes of hundreds of girls. Mass shootings still make us shake our heads and pray for those lost lives who were just going about their business. And in recent times, we have gasped at the way some police officers have conducted themselves, leaving a permanent scar with the families of the innocent. Black, white, asian, latino, American-Indian, most of us would like to live in a world where we can sit out on our front porch and look at the stars. To feel safe in the comfort of our homes. Help someone without it being a scam. Unfortunately, this isn’t the world we live in. But if each of us helps someone every day in a big or small way, a world of peace and safety could be within reach.

If you make a purchase/donation toward Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence, I hope you walk away from it with a new outlook on people and life.

Thanks for your continued support.

Poetry Anthology and Charity,
Baer Necessities

F***et List

We hear people talk about their bucket list, but what about their fucket list. I’m sure we all have this type of list as we attempt tasks and fail. Fucket always seems to slip out when the best laid plans or intentions melt over time or immediately. Like when we try to please someone and they don’t or can’t notice the effort. Or those goals we make at the beginning of the year that we abandon by the end. I have a few things that would go on my Fucket list. Of course, I’m using the pronoun “we” because… well, my husband and I do everything together. Plus, he gave me a few to add to the list.

1. Bike ride: Watching what we eat and drink, and on our bikes, pass by a few places to relax. Fucket. We’re hot, sweaty, and thirsty as hell. A beer is definitely what we need.

2. Swimming: Go to the local swimming pool only to find out I forgot the bottoms to my swimsuit. Fucket. I wanted ice cream anyways.

3. Scotland: Heading home in a snowstorm and the airport closes. Fucket. Rent a car, drive 450 miles to a London airport, and arrive at the gate just in time to hear the announcement that they canceled that flight too. Fucket. Miss two days of work.

4. Clogged Toilet: Husband disappears into a washroom in an Irish pub in Bologna. He comes out, grabs my arm, and pulls me out the door to avoid the flood. Fucket. Toilets get clogged all the time.

5. Drive: Drive 250 miles to visit Zurich, Switzerland. Instant dislike. Fucket. Drive another 200 miles through the Swiss Alps. Nothing like a leisurely drive.

6. Walk: Go to hike around the Cinque Terra, Italy. Due to mudslides, all paths are closed. Fucket. Train rides are so much more relaxing than climbing mountain paths.

7. Waterfalls: Enjoy a lovely hike down the Feldberg in Germany and come across a waterfall. Decide to cross the stream by stepping on the rocks so my husband can take an awesome picture. Foot slips on a rock and down I go, soaked from head to foot. Fucket. I was hot anyways.

8. Chinese: Try a nice Chinese buffet. Start with the salad bar, and within 5 minutes, spend the rest of the time in the washroom. Body tries to purge the food poisoning—diarrhea. Fucket. It was about time for me to get a colon cleansing.

9. Car: Car doesn’t pass the mandatory safety test. All Christmas money goes into repairs. Fucket. Who needs Christmas presents? Our love is gift enough.

10. Vacation: Stay at in-laws in Spain for summer vacation. Doesn’t go as well as planned. Leave early and spend all of my birthday driving in the car. Fucket. We got to see the real Lake Geneva, and I ate a pizza on some public building’s steps in the town of Colmar, France.

Do you care to share your fucket list?

Lists and Life,
Baer Necessities

Blog Flashback

YIKES! Last week, I missed my first weekly blog post this year. My husband and I have been doing some projects around the house, I’ve been working on the poetry anthology, and we’re taking advantage of his vacation. Of course, I didn’t prepare much this week either.

Here’s what I did do. I went to my old blog, Skipping Stone Memory, and read my very first blog post on August 16, 2008. When I started my blog, I didn’t have much focus. I introduced myself as an aspiring writer, talked about a writing forum I no longer belong to, and started to write poetry. Seven years later, I’m a self-published author and poet, met some awesome people along the way, and learned quite a bit about the publishing world.

Has anyone done a blog flashback?

It’s an eye opener. Also back in 2008, my husband, who was my then online friend, and I wrote a poem, Distant Exploration. I would write a line, send it to him, he’d write the next line, and then send it back. I posted this on my blog. At the time, we had only met online and didn’t know what the other looked like. We never would have thought we’d meet face-to-face seven months later let alone marry. Check out our cheesy poem.

Two similar minds reach across the pond,
Accidently they meet thoughts form a bond.
Virtual smiles and a bodyless hug,
Compliments given is like a new drug.
We spark imagination through our words,
Fly high on emotions, two blissful birds.
Secrets we share after learning to trust,
Lives we compare include culture and lust.
Rendezvous places we visit or dream,
Exploring together, a perfect team.
While bodies are stuck like birds without wings,
Accept with devotion that needs no rings.
Treasure the few times we spend together,
That help us defy life’s stormy weather.
Sharing the warmth of two souls in a cuddle,
Fingers glide, touch, the feelings so subtle.
Encouragement given pursuing goals,
No word ever lost, thanks to hidden scrolls.
Unforeseen ways of collaboration,
Post for all, sends smiles of jubilation.
Lucky we found a wonderful friendship,
The day we met, forever we’ll worship.

001 - Us at Cottonwood (800x602)This is us in 2009

In 2010, I quit my job and moved to Germany for five months. I wrote a post about how I was getting along in my new environment. I learned that grocery stores aren’t open on Sundays, gas prices averaged $7.00 a gallon, and there are five garbages to put your garbage in: organics, paper, regular, glass, and recycled.

50 - Martin and I-2 (800x602)This is us in 2010

By the end of 2012, we decided to make a life in Germany and I married my online friend. My life had a way of turning out completely different from what I had planned. If someone told me in early 2008 that I would meet a man in Germany (5,000 miles away), move there and marry him, I would have thought they were crazy. So let this be an example to all of you. It doesn’t matter how you planned your life, every choice you make veers you into another direction. All I can say is live. Keep an open mind and look forward to where life takes you.

DSC_0668 (800x530)This is us in 2012 (Wedding Day)

I’d love it if you’d share a blog flashback and tell us where you are today.

Flashback and Life Changes,
Baer Necessities