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It’s author interview day today, and I’d like to introduce you to Jana Robison. A sucker for cats and dogs, Jana embraces her nerdiness, and shares her writings with us along with a little bit of her blessed life. Please welcome her and enjoy the interview.

Describe yourself in 150 words or less.

Hello! I am a (semi) retired mother, and grandmother, who is a transplant in the big ole state of Texas. I love to draw and write, and although I truly suck at it, I’m a wannabe gardener! I am a nerd, always have been, and I must have the word ‘sucker’ flashing in neon on my forehead it seems, because I seem to attract dogs and cats wherever I go! I am a little OCD, have fought mild dyslexia since being diagnosed in Jr. High, and have been accused of being far too perky. I am a two-time cancer survivor, and I am truly blessed with the support of my family, friends, and my beloved pets.

What’s your favorite first line of a book? It can be your book or another author’s.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Tell us about your published works.

I have 7 e-books available at this time.

1.  Shards of Illusion – Suspense Novel: Young college student Maylea struggles to keep her sanity as her nightmares begin to take over her life. Desperate to escape, can she recall her dangerous past before it catches up with her?

2. Catch Me When I Fall (Fang meg når jeg faller) – Women’s Fiction: Lina’s heart disintegrates as she realizes her beloved grandmother Sissel is gone. A surprise inheritance of Sissel’s diary consumes Lina as she discovers her grandmother’s long held secret, and sends her on a journey into a foreign world.

3. Me and My Bacon – Young Adult: Struggling to deal with her mother’s indifference, and the emotional turbulence of being a teen, Mera’s world is hard enough already. Her world is turned upside down by her mother’s abrupt decision to rip her from her fast-paced city life in L.A., to the backwoods of Vermont. Can she find a way to fit in and acclimate to her new world without losing who she really is?

4. Five of a Kind – Women’s Fiction: Cheli is exhausted. 15 years of non-stop work changed her from a popular orphan to a superstar, but her new life with Alan is suffering for it, forcing her to take a break. The sudden discovery of a secret sister soon creates more drama in her personal life than any of her on-screen characters ever had to deal with. The ensuing domino effect takes her on a wild, emotionally charged adventure.

5. Somewhere New England – Women’s Fiction: A bored young woman escapes a crumbling life and has to choose between the easy way out and the right way with shocking results.

6. 5th & Flamingo – Women’s Fiction: A borderline nervous breakdown causes a structured city girl to abandon her out of control life in exchange for the unorthodox characters living by the beach that embrace her into their world.

7. Mystic Sunset – Women’s Fiction: An emergency exposes that a young woman’s life has been a lie, and she struggles to uncover her true identity.

Has writing changed the way you read? Explain.

A little, yes. Writing takes up so much of the rare free time, that it has caused me to be more choosy in the books that I chose to read. When I am finished with a novel, and have more free time though I go back to exploring works I passed on earlier.

Which do you enjoy most—character or plot development?

Definitely plot development, my characters are a struggle for me most of the time.

In regards to writing, what are you working on now?

I have three books in the works. The main one right now, is a contemporary fiction that I am absolutely in love with already! I hope to have it published this fall.

Are you a “jeans, sit at your desk” kind of writer, or a “pajamas, stretched out on the couch” writer?

Oh definitely a pajamas writer, in whatever setting I feel most comfortable in!

If you were in a band, what would be the name and what kind of music would you play?

It would probably be something like Daily Daisies, and it would be Big Band era music.

When you’re not writing, where can people find you hanging out in the virtual world?

They can find me on my Facebook Author page frequently, and much less frequently on my Twitter feed. I work in the spring so I spend my precious free time writing more than being online.

I asked Jana to provide me with a picture of a place and time in history she would have liked to have been present, and this is what she had to say.

picard and qI know this isn’t an actual place and time, but to have been on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with Captain Picard and Q, ah… I will forever be a nerd 🙂

And that wraps it up for today. If you’d like to learn more about Jana, please visit her author website.

Nerdiness and Support,
Baer Necessities

For the Love of Verse!

It’s that time of year when we all connect with the beauty of words through poetry. Most people run the opposite way when it comes to poetry. Some simply don’t like it, and others feel they don’t understand it. But poetry is all about what you get out of it. Emotions it conjures up; words ringing true.

National poetry month

Poetry is fun to write. You don’t have to be a poet laureate or have a Masters in Literature to write poetry. All you need is a subject, words, and emotions. There are many types of poems to dabble with such as Haiku, Odes, and Sonnets. This is a link that gives explanations and examples of Traditional and Invented Poetry forms –

I’d like to share a poem I did several years ago. This is a Cento poem, Latin for “patchwork”. It’s a collage of other poets’ works. Check out Wolf Cento by Simone Muench. She’s a professional poet, so you’ll probably find her poem of great value.

How to Write a Cento:

  1. You borrow lines from other poets’ poems. This does not need to follow any particular meter or rhyme.
    2) I browsed to read popular poems.
    3) When I found the first line for my poem, I went in search of another line from another poet that would go with the first. The lines you choose can be from any part of the poem.

Below is the result of the Cento I created. I loved putting this poem together because it gave me a glimpse at many poems. Even though it doesn’t have to fit any meter or rhyme, I chose to make my poem rhyme. I’ve put the name of the poem and poet in italics. If you click on the links, they will take you to the poem.

Death Dream

A stranger came to the door at eve, Love and A Question by Robert Frost
Enswathed, and seal’d to curious secrecy. A Lover’s Complaint by William Shakespeare
love strikes away the chains of fear Touched by an Angel by Maya Angelou
As I lean and look through the glimmering light–that one has utterly
, I Thought I was Not Alone by Walt Whitman

‘He scents thy footsteps in the snow Broken Love by William Blake
Sigh thou mayst, and bid it go Think of it Not, Sweet One by John Keats
With thoughtful pace, and sad, majestic eyes, Dante by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Nor seek to know the look of that which dies A Dream Lies Dead by Dorothy Parker

Yon heaven thy home, that waits and opes its door. The Guardian Angel by Robert Browning
Misery, my sweetest friend—oh, weep no more! Death – Poem by Percy Bysshe Shelley

But will you hear MY dream, for I had one Sea Dreams by Alfred Lord Tennyson
For the heart whose woes are legion
‘Tis a peaceful, soothing region-
Dreamland by Edgar Allan Poe

Have you written a poem for fun? Have you ever tried an invented poetry form?  If you’d like, please share in the comments.

Poetry and Expression,
Baer Necessities