gerald_bio_picGerald Haschka was a young child in Germany during WWII—a time when many families were displaced. He grew up in the North Rhine-Westfalen area at the southern border of the Ruhr in Western Germany. Gerald studied Art and Geography at Kunstakademie Karsruhe and at the University of Munster. Along with being an Art and Geography teacher in Witten and Hattingen, Germany, he is also a well-known painter, having several painting exhibitions in Germany and Spain. When he isn’t teaching and painting, he is analyzing the pre-historic paintings of Altamira, Spain. He has publications in the Libraries of Harvard and Yale. Gerald currently resides in Figueres, Spain, teaching public art, painting, and working on a book about the Altamira paintings, scheduled for publication with Baer Books Press.

Please visit Gerald Haschka’s works at – Museum H