Thellier_Bio_PicThierry Tellier is a pastry chef, husband, father, grandfather, and restaurateur, who currently resides in the New River Valley of Virginia. He was born in the Loire Valley of France, and has spent over forty years in some aspect or another in the food industry. He is a multi-faceted creator of delicious cuisine, and his bakery-cafes have been recognized for their dedication to providing his local communities with palatable dishes laced with his signature French flair.

Thierry and his wife, Danielle, were both born a month apart in 1957, and her influence on him has been palpable, as the majority of their lives have been spent together. When not cooking, Thierry enjoys fishing, walking, snowshoeing, gardening, experiencing nature, antique collecting, and spending time with family and friends—all accompanied by his lovely wife. To learn more about Thierry, visit his Cafe and Bakery, Our Daily Bread.