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KindleWith all the free eBooks and friend’s eBooks I have downloaded over the past three years, I finally gave in and bought a Kindle. It isn’t a fancy schmancy one, just a Kindle e-reader. I’ve felt bad for not reading some people’s books and my eBook collection has grown. This doesn’t mean that I’ll quit buying paperback, but at least now I can catch up on all these books waiting to be read.

Buying books in Germany is expensive. The Kindle will help me choose which books I want in paperback. If I love the eBook, I can buy the paperback. It’s a shame it took me this long after years of eBooks collecting fragment dust on my computer.

We received the Kindle on Monday, and before fully charging it, I started to set it up. As we have learned in the past, things don’t always run smoothly. Amazon is a huge multinational corporation, which is bound to have some issues. When we got married, a former colleague of mine sent us a gift certificate from (U.S.). We still keep in touch. There’s no way I can forget such a kind and generous person. But I digress. It was such a thoughtful gift, but we soon found out that we couldn’t use the gift certificate on (Germany). If we purchased things from U.S. Amazon, we’d have to pay additional shipping costs. I contacted U.S. Amazon to see if I could have the gift certificate transferred from my U.S. account to my German account. They told me is a partner site of, meaning they operate independently, so I couldn’t do it. I did not know this. Note: For anyone who has friends and family living abroad, make sure you purchase Amazon gift cards for the country they live in.

soccer<—–This boggles my mind. My and logon information is the same. When I look up my books on, Fogged Up Fairy Tale, the reviews are auto-populated on the page.

Even though some things from the Amazon U.S. and German site can merge, wish lists and Kindle libraries aren’t included. On the Kindle, we couldn’t setup a shared family account using my Kindle library on U.S. Amazon and my husband’s Kindle library on Germany Amazon. To resolve the issue, my husband will send any eBooks on the German site to my Kindle library, and he’ll have to use his U.S. Amazon account to purchase eBooks. This was an educational experience for us.

The first book I’m reading on my Kindle is The Brubury Tales by Frank Mundo. It’s an awesome read. I highly recommend it. The story is told in rhymed verse and is “a modern version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales set in Los Angeles just after the riots. Instead of pilgrims, The Brubury Tales follows 7 security guards on the graveyard shift, who agree to have a storytelling competition to determine vacation time.” It even sounds unique and interesting!

What kind of e-reader do you own? What are you reading now? Any book recommendations?

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8 thoughts on “Kindle Me Softly

  1. I’ve had a PaperWhite for a couple of years now. I love the backlit screen. And I also love that it’s a dedicated e-reader. I only read on my iPad when I’m doing a reader report for a client and know I’ll want to type a few notes as I read. Typing on any kind of Kindle has never been a great experience, though I have never used a Fire. The only thing I don’t like about the PaperWhite is how the screen has to be touched in order to turn the pages. I think the Voyager added touch sensors to the side for thumbs to press which makes sense, but there’s no way I’ll buy a new one just to have a better page-turning experience 😉 Also, you should download Dear Stephanie by Mandi Castle. Not because she’s my client, but because it’s a damn good book.

    1. Jeri, The PaperWhite has great reviews. We almost accidentally bought it, but went for the cheaper one. I think the PaperWhite is the only one with a backlit screen.

      I might have to add Dear Stephanie to my reading list. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Hey Denise! It’s great to visit your blog! I know it’s been for – Ever but I am really glad to visit and read! I also am super happy that we are connected on linkedin since a rarely go to facebook. Anywhooo very clever title! Great article and blog. I hope things Andre going well and I do think of you often! Dc drop me a line soon if you think about it!

    Best thoughts to you!

    Kara M Zone (formally known as Kara McElhinny)

    1. Kara! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I’m glad we’re connected on LinkedIn. I disabled my Facebook account. I’ll definitely keep in touch with you. I hope everything is good with you! Take care, girl.

  3. I have the 10 inch Kindle Fire HD and absolutely love it. I have tons of books on there – Indie, mainstream, friends’ books, you name it. I still prefer paper books for the most part, but for portability and ease of use it’s hard to beat having 50 books in one little tablet.

    1. ABFTS, I think I’m going to get book happy with it for portability sake. Having that many books is hard to beat, but while I’m reading on it, I miss holding a paperback. I’m sure I’ll get used to it though.

  4. I picked up a basic kindle a few months ago. Prior to that I had been using the kindle app on my iPad. Both have advantages and disadvantages but I can’t see existing without either of them at this point. Being able to read most ebooks outside is great as well as distraction free reading. The basic kindle is nothing but books so I have less to deal with.

    The iPad on the other hand has color and a bigger screen when I want to read comics and blogs. If it had the anti glare screen of my kindle it would be even better but that might be asking too much for an entirely different tool.

    1. Jon, we were using the little reader on our slow phones, but I didn’t like it. I just wanted a basic reader for reading books, so it’s turned out great. Many people talk about their iPads and how much they love it.

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