Silver Lining – Poets Against Violence

Baer Books Press Poetry Anthology, is available on Amazon Kindle. Poets Include: Isabella du Lac; Nikitha Hingad; Clarissa Simmens; Andrew Casey; Jennifer Jones; Justin Bienvenue; Rhys Ethan; John J. Mathews; Karin Athanas; Tracy Miller; Jahmela Williams; Rachel Nathanson; Manny Blacksher; Tamara Mendelson; Albert Schepers; Zev Davis; Christina Johnson; Timothy L. Rodriguez; Davis Johnson; Barbara Truncellito; Boutheina, Boughnim Laarif; Sally Brunk; Clayre Benzadon; Joan McNerney; Jit S Banerjee; Helen Laycock; Clark Cook; Valeri Paxton-Steele; Barbara Franzen; Thomas C. Hiatt; Joe F. Cempa; Ana Lisa de Jong; Denise Baer; Andrew Graham-Yooll; and Pete Mullineaux.

Genre: Poetry
Cover Art: Denise Baer

anthology_smallerSilver Lining is a poetry anthology about all types of violence people commit against one another, and the hope for a better future. The participating poets from around the world wrote these poems based on personal experience, feelings, and/or thoughts. Topics of violence range from war to domestic violence, suicide and mental illness to bullying, and more. The purpose of this anthology is to bring awareness to violence, and possibly make a difference in someone’s life. All proceeds will go to Futures Against Violence.