Genre: Short Stories
Cover Art: Eldon Farrell
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Baer Books Press Short Story Anthology is available on Amazon Kindle. Authors Include: Dylan Callens, Manjari Banerjee, Joseph Ferguson, Eldon Farrell, Mathew Williams, Mehreen Ahmed, James Pitter, Alexander Engel Hodgkinson, Betty Mermelstein, Roland E. Williams, Nik Krasno, Brena Mercer, Sabrina Fatma Ahmed, Paul B. McNulty, and Denise Baer.

Summary: No Bounds is a short story anthology with eclectic subjects and styles of writing. The participating authors from around the world delved into their creative consciousness to produce layered characters and mind-blowing themes. Topics range from dinner with the in-laws to cats, sainthood to drunken crazy week, lost love to school, and much more. This anthology aims to surprise readers with stories from authors that know no bounds. All proceeds go to Medecins Sans Frontieres: Doctors Without Borders, to raise awareness for this international group that sacrifices much for the good of humanity.