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In April, I kicked off National Poetry Month with an idea regarding an anthology. I figured if I collect enough interest, I would publish an anthology regarding violence through Baer Books Press, and all proceeds would go to Futures Without Violence. By the beginning of May, I collected only a handful of poems, so I extended the deadline from May 31 to June 30. BAM! Toward the end of May, I received a huge interest in participation. I can’t wait to share these compelling poems written from experience, emotions, and thoughts. The subjects range from bullying to domestic violence, identity confusion to world events, suicide, war and more. My hope is that this anthology will at least change one person’s life for the better.

Do you feel there’s an increase in violence worldwide?


Better to have eaten giardiniera than to have never eaten it at all. If you’ve ever lived or visited Chicago, and had a beef sandwich, then you know about Chicagoans and their Giardiniera. Some even think, the hotter the better. Giardiniera is a variety of vegetables marinated in oil, vinegar, and a few spices. Since they don’t have it in Germany, I had to make some myself. It’s great on salads and sandwiches. I’m not one for the hotness, so I left out the hot peppers and put in bell peppers, celery, carrots, cauliflower, olives, onion, garlic cloves, oregano, pepper flakes, ground pepper, apple cider vinegar, and olive oil. I let it sit in the refrigerator for a week so all the vegetables can mix for a heightened flavor.

What do you think of Giardiniera?

Author Interviews

Flavor of the week is ? I’d like to start doing author interviews every so often on my blog. It’s a good way to help an author, and to get to know them. There are many bloggers out there offering author interviews, so the questions I plan on asking aren’t all about writing. They are about promoting the author, but also letting the audience get to know the author aside from their books.

Do you participate in author interviews?

 Forgotten Books

Books we have forgotten. I love the site Forgotten Books, because it gives me the opportunity to read an old classic. Many of us want to read a classic, yet we don’t take the time to go and buy it. Well, Forgotten Books offers a free downloadable book every day! I signed up to receive an email each day. There are so many books I downloaded that I never heard of, and some great classics. Below is a screen shot of the books I’ve received from this site:


Are there any legal sites you use for free books?


Classic sites such as StumbleUpon amaze me. I often browse around StumbleUpon for writing ideas along with helpful information regarding gardening or cooking. Yesterday, I found an “interactive generative art” site called Weavesilk. By clicking on the screen and moving your cursor from one point to another, you can create a picture. It lets you pick colors, undo, and save the picture. Yesterday, I created the below.


Do you know of any other WOW sites that amaze you?

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6 thoughts on “A Sundry of Subjects

  1. Giardiniera! My taste buds are now watering. I loved the sandwiches I tried in Chicago. There’s a place in town that has something like that on its menu. I really need to go and give it a try. I do hope you start doing author interviews. The benefits will come back to you in spades. I’ve made so many great friends and connections due to all of the authors I’ve interviewed 🙂

    1. Jeri, I was wondering if you tried Giardiniera when you were in Chi-Town.

      I do hope I have the same success as you regarding the author interviews. That’s what I’d like to do, connect with other authors and possibly make some great friends in the process.

  2. One of us lived in Chicago for 4 years and the other visited frequently… we both love Giardiniera. I make my own at home now. It’s no Al’s/Mr. Beef, but I think it holds its own considering there’s truly no alternative here.

    Also, it does feel like there’s an increase in violence. More and more, people flip out over the smallest, dumbest things. Each day there’s a new headline about someone being gunned down in a road rage incident (just locally, in Denver) and it makes even driving to the supermarket scary at times.

    1. ABFTS, I used to buy Scala’s Giardiniera. I’m going to have to see if I can find that recipe. I forgot one of you lived in Chicago.

      I have a ABC Chicago News app on my phone, and all the headlines are shooting, gangs, dead bodies found, car accidents, and along with yours, road rage.

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