Adventures in Germany

Today we’re taking a break from the written word. I’ll be sharing some random pictures from a few explorations we did this year in Germany.

In August, we took an English walking tour in Cologne. It was great because we were the only people who showed up-our own private tour.

 Then we went to a British Flair in Krefeld.

And last month, we were spooked in a haunted zoo.

What interesting things have you done this year?

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6 thoughts on “Adventures in Germany

  1. It’s always fun to experience a bit of vicarious travel via your pictures. My best travel surprise of the summer was visiting the Oregon Caves National Monument. It was between the Redwoods and the stop I would be making in Ashland to see Hamlet performed. I almost didn’t do it because it was an hour out of the way, but in the end it was amazing. The cave stays about 10 degrees cooler than caves on the East Coast because the ice hasn’t had as long to melt. I highly recommend it. There’s also a quaint hotel, and it must be a great weekend getaway for Portland residents.

    1. Jeri, Sounds like you’ve done some great travels yourself. Redwoods and Oregon Caves sound right up our alley. There are so many places I’d like to see in the U.S. I’d love to go to Oregon and the Washington coastline among other places.

  2. Oh, this year I was also in Germany and in Cologne to! I recognise that cathedral actually. It was so gorgeous and spacious inside D: I especially loved the glass windows most of all – it’s my favourite part of any cathedral. It seems like you went to some really nice places and had a lot of fun from these pictures!

  3. Cologne was one of my favorite stops on the river cruise! Of course, seeing you and Martin there had a lot to do with it. Love your pictures.

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