Good Morning and Happy New Year Germanica!

And everyone else out there. It’s a new year and fresh starts always get me excited in a non-sexual way (I think that needed clarification). For Christmas, my husband and I decided we should each choose one gift. Amazon had a sale on Kindle Fire, so my husband jumped on it, and I got a portable stepper. So while he sits his butt in a chair reading, I’ll be on my stepper getting rid of the holiday season’s extra pound violation.

What did you get for Christmas?

Which brings me to my next item—resolutions. I’m one of those people who want to start clean at the beginning of the year, and make resolutions I most likely won’t fulfill. Since I have five email accounts, it took me two days to clean and sort through all the emails, leaving a few in the main inbox and the rest deleted or moved to folders. After that, I felt refreshed and ready to tackle life and my writings. To be clear, I am a self-diagnosed lightly seasoned OCD person who rechecks things and circulates thoughts.

Anyway, my resolutions for this year are to continue to lose weight on my fabulous stepper (along with other activities), continue eating healthy, travel more, smile more, appreciate more, and love more.

Do you make resolutions? If so, care to share?

I’m going to start my blog year with a positive and heartwarming story. It has to do with the church we attend. Now I know not everyone is religious, but it’s always good to read about something uplifting instead of depressing. So it begins.

At mass, the priest informed the congregation to bring a candle if we’d like to bring the light of Bethlehem home. The Sunday before Christmas, we went to church with a candle inside a small glass lantern. During church services, a few men from Bethlehem spoke about the light. For many years, these guides have been involved in the peace light. The peace light originally began with the Austrian Broadcasting Company, but then scouts from different countries joined in. Each year, a child retrieves a light from the Nativity Grotto in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Then those children, with the help of guides, return to their countries and distribute the light.

wreath5I have never heard of this before, and it moved me. I wanted and needed to be a part of it. After mass, we went to the Bethlehem candle to receive our light. When we got home, we lit the candles on the advent wreath along with others in our home. It is such an inspiring thing to do, and one I am thankful for taking part in. Whether a believer or not, it’s wonderful to watch this peace light spread throughout the world. In today’s times, the world and each of us could use some peace.

For more information on the Peace Light.

New Year’s and Resolutions,
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12 thoughts on “Good Morning and Happy New Year Germanica!

  1. Very interesting. I am Baptist, so we are less liturgical, but I found the story of the peace light to be very interesting and, symbolically, very nice.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! I don’t really do anything like resolution making, but I made a few in relation to expanding my blog and reading more. So far, this week I have been quite a bit more productive and on track with schoolwork than I have been last year, which I hope I can keep up!

    1. Olivia, You do have a lot going on. Glad to hear you are keeping up with schoolwork. It’s not fun to fall behind. I know that through experience. 😀

  3. Happy New Year, Denise 🙂 My resolution is to start my work earlier in the day. I’m REALLY tired of working until 10 or 11 at night some days of the week. And even more grueling is I am doing my T25 exercise videos before I even have a cup of coffee. It’s rough 😉

    1. Jeri, Good for you! I know you would work late into the evening, so an earlier start sounds good. And good luck with those exercises. But before coffee? 😉

      I actually started organizing how I do things in the morning. After I get my husband off to work, I spend time with emails and Duolingo. I gotta learn this language. Then Shakespeare and I usually go for a 50 minute walk. Hope all our resolutions last throughout the year.

  4. Great post. I want to try to carve out more time for writing. As I get older it seems harder and harder to get enough time in. So, I’m just going to have to make time 🙂

    Good luck with yours and happy 2016!

  5. Happy New Year, Tater!

    No resolutions here – just write write, write! I just finished a first draft of Dustin 3 and dove into Hailey 3. Some characters just won’t shut up! I hope you’re plotting out another book for me while you’re on your stepper!


    1. June, It’s always good to hear that you’re at it with your writing. I’m revising my crime mystery and I have to start writing the second book. GAH!

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