I’m Back!

Oh, it’s been a crazy year, right? Between politics, social media, and natural catastrophes, it’s no wonder we’re all not twitching and aimlessly wandering about screaming obscenities. Well, maybe some of you are.

I’m going to get it out of the way, so here’s a quick run-down of my take on a few things. I don’t care for the way the U.S. politics operate with two polarized archaic parties. In my lifetime, I hope to see a change in government to include more ideas and voices (more parties) representing the ‘average’ American. For now, my blog will not comment on politics.

In the past 2-1/2 months, I’ve disconnected from social media and my life has improved. Yes, I deleted my Twitter and Facebook account. Twitter has become a bullying platform. A place where lynch mobs exist and where one can accuse, judge, and sentence someone in 140 characters. Facebook is no longer a place to share your life. It’s a dumping ground for bullying and grammatically incorrect memes. As an unknown Indie Author, this might not have been the best thing to do, but my happiness and health is much more important.

As an expat, I will continue to write about my experiences in Germany, good and bad, and make comparisons to the U.S. I’m not politically correct to the extreme, so my take on life in Germany and the U.S. might offend.

Which leads me to the last issue—opinions. I’m a believer that everyone has a voice and an opinion. As long as you’re not spewing hate, people have a right to their views. Opinions have NOT morphed into racism and hate because you don’t agree with mainstream visions. When you try to silence someone with different beliefs, you’re not only doing a disservice to them but to society. We’re all different. We have feelings about certain topics and we have a right to those feelings. It’s time we LISTEN to those opinions instead of dismissing and bullying the person.

Now onto more pleasant things that have happened this year to me. It’s been a better year. Our management company started gutting old flats a block away and a new construction project began across from where we lived. Since we have to move in early 2018 for renovations, we decided to get out quick and down the street, far enough away from the construction. It was kinda sad because it was our first flat together since we decided to make a life for ourselves in Germany. We loved the big windows and the scenery. We don’t mind where we live now. It’s okay for the next few years, until we buy land and build a home, so this is our transitional place.

For summer vacation, we drove to London (using the Chunnel). London is one of my favorite cities. There is so much to see and do there and the food markets are FABULOUS. Yes, my husband and I are into food. LOL!

After vacation, I returned full-force into revisions for my crime mystery novel, Artful Revenge, and my husband is still trying to adjust to the early hours. We’ll be driving to Tuscany and enjoying the scenery for the two weeks fall vacation. SQUEE! I love Italy.

As for blogging, I hope to slide into it slowly, and then start up regularly in 2018.

Well, that’s the quickie of my life—a bit more than 140 characters.

What have you been up to this year? Chime in about anything.

Crazy Good,
Baer Necessities

16 thoughts on “I’m Back!

    1. Great blog D! I am excited that you have another book coming!!! Do you have a timeline for completion? I feel similar to your views about the US political status. I am fearful for our future.

      There is so much happening that causes so many people to become reactive. This generates a lot of ignorance. Our society is just way too connected. Sharing every thought without filters throughout social media. That’s not always a bad thing. I support anyone genuine and sincere in their business ventures, passions or causes. I appreciate the awareness presented in things I might not know or truly understand. I look for humor and inspiration to help brighten my day. I have not completely left social media but I can say that I am on it less and less.

      I hope you post pictures from Italy. I always love to see pictures of your adventures! Keep up your blog! It’s a great way for me to see whatbis going on with you especially all the good as you deserve much good!



      1. Jacquee! So nice of you to stop by. Now if only I can figure out what’s wrong with my Spam filter. I hope to have my book ready by Spring 2018. I’m trying to get the major revisions done before the end of this year so my digital graphics artist can work on the cover. Squee!!!

        As the saying goes, “We’re the most connected yet disconnected.” I’m trying to listen more, really listen to what people are saying, instead of jumping in with thoughts or opinions. Some days I do okay with it, and some, not so good. I’m a work in progress.

        I’ll definitely be posting pictures of our travels. Stop in from time to time with your thoughts and let me know how you’re doing. I’m still on Facebook Messenger. Hugs to you and your family.

        Love, Dee

  1. It’s good to see you back! How fun that you took a trip to London and have a trip to Italy in the works. My year has been all over the map due to cancer treatments, but I’ve used the downtime to make a lot of business improvements that will pay off in 2018. The flipside to social media is how it can be harnessed for good. Without it, I would not have been able to do the GoFundMe campaign that has significantly helped me to pay my mortgage and other bills while I’ve been unable to edit full-time. As with all things, I view social media as something to be done in moderation. I mostly tune out the political stuff, but sometimes partake.

    1. Thanks, Jeri. Yes, I’m sure the year has been very stressful for you, and that social media helped with your campaign. I’m glad to hear of its positive effects. Looking forward to seeing more of you and your blogs, and I’ll be contacting you regarding my next novel. 😀

  2. Hurray, you’re back! I’ve just re-read the piece, hoping to find something I disagree with so that we can engage in polite discussion 😉 but hey! I’m with you! Especially on the political stuff. As the Big Man said ‘that way madness lies.’ I’m still on FB but giving myself stern talks about not becoming obsessive, and enjoying the life we’ve been given – delighted to read that for a lot of the past months you sound to have been doing just that. How is the small furry family member? Fingers crossed for Artful Revenge (oh, what a promising title…) and have a great time in Tuscany.
    Laurette xxx

    1. Hello Laurette! Nice to see you! I know many people who love their social media, but I’m not one of them. Age could be the reason I’ve become disgruntled with technology. I miss the old days when people picked up the phone. All this texting, doing everything on their phones, and e-readers are going to make ophthalmologists very rich in the future.

      The small furry family member is spoiled and doing well. 😀 Thanks for the fingers crossed for my book and well wishes in Tuscany. Take care! Alla prossima!

  3. Soo glad your back!!! Enjoy reading your blog!

    Even though I’m retired time keeps flying by. I’ve been up to weekly golf, many different doctor routine maintenance visits and lots of lunch dates. I think all the doctors are trained to tell me I’m doing great. LOL!

    Go Chicago Cubs!
    My best to you,

    1. So nice to see you again, Veejay, and thank you for letting me know you actually read my blog!

      You are one who is making the most of retirement. It’s good to know you’re enjoying it.

      Take care of yourself!

  4. Denise,

    Welcome back! You’re so right. Social media is getting out of control. You aren’t the only one. I’ve noticed a lot of people that were once pretty active online are now closing their accounts as well. It’s crazy. I hope you’re doing well. Looking forward to new posts.


    1. Hello Frank!

      Thanks for stopping by. Congratulations on your book, Touched by an Anglo! Your Brubury Tales still stick with me. Very original.

      Social media isn’t so social anymore. LOL!

      Take care.

  5. A lot to comment on here. But firstly, WELCOME BACK! It’ll be good to have you around again <3 London is my home city so I am so glad you could love it and enjoy your holiday there. And it sounds like your time away and unplugged has been good for you. I know your blog isn't about politics, and I am glad you know what works for you or not on your blog. Mine isn't political either. I don't actually use Facebook that much apart from the Messenger means of communication with friends/family. I feel like it has become flooded with everything away from the purpose of sharing your life. I barely remember to occasionally update my profile and often don't put pictures up on there. As for Twitter, I see what you mean? But I also think there are two sides of Twitter. I recently cleaned mine out and unfollowed people whose feeds I didn't agree with or just weren't interested in anymore, and found more book bloggers to follow. Now my feed is just how I like it! I think it's such a big realm, it can be easy to follow main stream accounts and get flooded with things you don't really want to see. But in their defense, I think if done right you can also shape your Twitter into what you want it to be. As for opinions and bullying… yes, I think we are getting a bit too quick to judge. Even if we disagree we do have to remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to listen to each other a bit better. We can't expect people to listen to us if we aren't willing to do the same.

  6. Good to see you again. Glad I get notifications & can keep up. I’m so jealous of all your trips. I look forward to pics. I so totally agree with you re: social media. I’m there so little these days. Enough is enough :/
    Very excited for a new release! Can’t wait.
    ((hugs)) mah dear!

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