Losing the Crutch

Today is 12 years since I quit smoking. I was a 26-year smoker, until one day I realized my breathing wasn’t the best. Without bringing attention to my crutch, I quit and kept quiet. Then when things steadied, I began letting people know.

Twelve years ago, I took a big step toward health. Sure, I ate healthy and worked out, but what was the point if I still inhaled smoke. I believe it’s helped me with my immune system, which makes me extremely happy regarding what’s happening in the world now. I wrote the below poem 6-years ago.

I am Smokin’ Not!

Tobacco surges
through your veins.
It’s time to Commit
let go of the reins.

Such truth be told
throughout  the world,
Blow away your smoke—
gray curled and twirled.

Nicotine plants
a cancer kiss.
Trade in this loss,
for a life to reminisce

I wrote this one yesterday.

Losing the Crutch

Time and again
I took the Crutch’s side.
Stomped out the butt,
relit for another high.

My lungs grew heavy
taste buds lost…yet
never enough to
break our cause.

It served me right
when coughing continued,
the hair of the dog
beckoning to contribute.

Until the last one
flew out the window,
with a last minute goodbye.

My old crutch soared
through the air,
sucked in a deep breath,
accepting my own dare.

I do hope more people consider getting rid of their crutch, because breath is a gift to be grateful for.

Quitting Smoking,

6 thoughts on “Losing the Crutch

  1. Congrats on the 12 smoke free years!! Thanks for the poems!
    I know this to be a remarkable accomplishment, because I’ve tried many times to quit and failed. You’ve encouraged me to try again. This time around I’ll get some surprising additional help due to the cautionary stay at home orders which caused people to stock up on supplies. Where I live my brand of cigarettes have become unavailable. In addition to all the toilet paper being purchased and hoarded, so are my cigarettes. Absolutely cannot smoke any other brand as they taste terrible and unpleasant to inhale. I’m looking at this as a good thing. Hope I lose the crutch.
    Happy Easter to you and yours!!

    1. Thanks much, Veejay! I know it’s difficult to quit, and the older we get the harder it is, but hope this time it’s a success. There are some positive takeaways from this virus, and this is one of them. I hope it assists you in losing the crutch.

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