Think Before Inking

Tattoos are an extension of our creativity, desires, or tributes. It’s a personal choice to design our bodies with pictures or inspirational words. But sometimes, someone we don’t know and trust— tattoo artist… or tattoo botcher can distort our visions of the perfect tattoo. If you’re considering inking your body, here are a couple things you should keep in mind.

1)  Make sure your tattoo artist can spell. Spellin’ iz da most impotent thing when it cums to sayins. Have them write it down or make an outline of it on your body so all they have to do is trace it. This avoids any spelling mistakes… except if you don’t know how to spell the word. If that’s the case, bring a dictionary.

The botcher must be studying phonetics.

I wonder what her mother’s angle is regarding this tattoo.

A little too much information.

Your (belonging to or associated with person) You’re (you are) You (just you). This is why we should all know the difference.

Can someone help me out here? Is this supposed to be ‘absolutely ridiculous’?

I bet Bon Jovi knows how to spell it.

This person obviously didn’t remember how to spell before they forgot.

2)  Make sure the tattoo artist is actually an artist before they start drawing on you. This is very important if you plan to put a famous person on your body or a tribute to someone who died. You want people to be able to identify the person and hear how beautiful it is, not gasps or giggles. Your body is a temple; don’t let the tattoo debauchery desecrate it. Here are a few artists gone mad.

Maybe he got confused and thought the guy wanted a caricature of his gal?

If I were Sheleen, I’d be hunting this tattoo butcher down.

Perfect example of ‘you get what you pay for’.

Yeah, I totally see it. Good thing it’s on her back.

Was this a joke?

Which horror movie were these kids in?

Now, if you have thought about getting a tattoo, here are a few creative ideas for you to consider.

Quite ingenious to create humor from loss.

Your love becoming part of you.



Here’s a way to clarify it.

The old fashioned way, except ‘coment’ is more like a Twitter revision.

Nice message.

What do you think of tattoos? Do you have one?

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8 thoughts on “Think Before Inking

  1. I am ink free, however, I did consider getting one when I was 14. Luckily, my mother had to sign for it and she was not present.

    Looking at these are hilarious – definitely made my evening.

  2. I don’t have any tattoos, but I do want to get the word Resilient on my back in between my shoulder blades. I have huge qualms over misspellings taking place when I do get it 😉 I have been asking around to get idea for who does great work. My friend’s daughter has some beautiful ones, and I think that’s the best indicator of who to go with. The ones you’ve posted here serve as great reminders for what can go wrong.

    1. Jeri, that’s a good word and one that many probably don’t know how to spell. Hopefully they can make an outline of it, press it onto your skin, and then trace it. That’s how my tattoo for my mom was done. If you ever do get it, please share. 🙂

  3. I don’t have any tattoos and personally I’m not really a fan of the way they look or anything. Too big a decision and I personally think it’s not worth inking in the end, but I know a lot of other people have different ideas and I don’t mind other people getting them if they want them. But yes, make sure your artist is actually an artist and knows how to spell first!

  4. I was actually going to mention that awesome “you get what you pay for” picture but then you dropped that one too. I don’t have any tattoos or want them. I just can’t commit to anything that I think would be cool for life. What I thought was cool 5 years ago I think is dumb now. I don’t want to be trapped like that via tattoo.

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