We’re Famous!

Last October, my husband, Martin, our dog, Shakespeare, and I spent the fall vacations in Tuscany. It was our second time there. We just love the atmosphere and all the things you can do with a dog. Italians love dogs. They’ve allowed Shakespeare in some museums, restaurants, and even some stores. What’s great about going to Tuscany with a dog are the many sites to see free and places to explore.

This second time, we visited some of the same towns as the first visit along with new ones. Near the Tuscan town we stay at is a place called Bibbiena. It was a dreary day, so we decided to stay in the area. While we browsed the streets of Bibbiena, so did the Google car, capturing pictures of the streets. Well, they not only took pictures of the streets, but they also have a few with us.

My husband recently searched Google Maps in satellite view of Bibbiena to see if he could see us. Here’s what they captured.

That’s me in the red jacket, while Shakespeare watches Martin on the far right
There we are straight-ahead. They didn’t even blur our faces, assuming we were far enough away.
Here, they did blur out our faces
This one, they even blurred Shakespeare’s face for privacy reasons. LOL!

There were a few more pictures of us roaming around Bibbiena. I guess even without the red jacket, we’d probably be caught because there weren’t too many people around town.

So I guess if someone Googles Bibbiena and followed the streets in Satellite mode, they’ll come across us walking around…at least for a few years.

Google, Privacy, and Oxymoron,

8 thoughts on “We’re Famous!

  1. I love dog-friendly places! I think it’s really just a matter of making sure all dogs are well-behaved (as are their owners) and don’t cause trouble. I get there are some hygiene issues involved but again, it’s a matter of keeping those spaces separate from lounge areas.
    How cool is that you were captured by Google? I’d love to find out if I ever was hahaha
    Awesome post 🙂 Shakespeare looks adorable!

    1. Sophie, I agree. As a dog owner, it’s my responsibility to make sure my dog behaves properly. It’s those owners who disregard courtesy and rules who ruin it for everyone else.

      I never even thought to check Google Maps, but my husband is all about mapping our whereabouts. He loves seeing where we’ve been on a map, and places we still want to see.

      Shakespeare thanks you for your kind comment. 😀

  2. Being able to take the furry friends on trips is the best! I haven’t checked the Google maps picture of my street in a couple of years. The most recent one had my former tenant’s truck out front. I think I’ll go and see if there’s a more current picture.

    1. Laurette, you’re right about chills or thrills. I wrote this post for humor sake, but I told my husband I dislike how much Google knows about us. It’s downright scary.

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