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Since living in Germany, I probably watch more television series than when I lived in the States. Maybe it’s my way of connecting with English speakers. Maybe it helps my creativity, which it has in the past. Whatever the reason, the television shows I watch have an underlying commonality. They all kick ass in one way or another. *Stretches and then cracks knuckles* Let me walk you through a few of them.

1) The Good Wife = Hello? She, Alicia Florrick, stuck by her man, Peter, when he strayed and went to jail; a law firm hired her after being out of practice for roughly fifteen years; and it turns out that she kicks ass in court. Then her husband continues his wayward ways, Alicia has an affair with one of her bosses, Will Gardner, finally kicks her husband out of the house, and still wins cases. Plus, my former dreams were of me becoming an attorney.

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Set in Chicago, my hometown, Alicia Florrick has seen more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. She sets out to open a new firm, her ex-boss/lover is pissed, and then a guy he represented shoots him dead in court. Now that shocked fans. No one anticipated Will Gardner’s dramatic exit from the show. Peter Florrick, who she no longer lives with, became Governor of Illinois (LOL! I don’t think I’d want to admit being Governor of corrupt Illinois), and she runs for States Attorney. Alicia wins but the Republican Party raises questions regarding voter tampering. The Democratic Party no longer wants to stand behind her, so they tell her to step down. She tries to return to the firm she started, but a billionaire client of theirs refuses to remain a client if she returns. Down on her luck, no job, no States Attorney position, scandal, egg on her face, she moves on. An old client of Alicia’s contacts her to help him fight a first-degree murder charge, and she kicks ass. Now, she’s going to open her own firm, again, and asked Finn Polmar (Mr. Hottie) to join her. Aaannnd, I want Alicia’s wardrobe.

2) Scandal = Olivia Pope is the fixer in Washington. If someone commits murder, Olivia fixes it. If someone gets caught with their pants down, Olivia fixes it. Bottom line, Olivia kicks ass. After helping President Fitzgerald win his election, and becoming his mistress, Olivia starts her own business. Those she chose to help clean up other people’s lives struggle to clean up their own. They become her Gladiators at her crisis management company. With their help, she makes the impossible possible. Plus, my heart quickens while watching this face-paced show.

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Set in Washington D.C., Olivia Pope fixes those who fall from grace rise up again. Learning about her parents, fixing people’s lives is in some way, her way of fixing what her parents have done. Her father, Rowan Pope, leader of the secret U.S. group called B-613, kills anyone who stands in his way. Her mother, Maya Lewis, is a vicious terrorist. While trying to separate herself from her parents, Olivia guides her life into the arms of Fitz, Jake Ballard, who once worked for her father, and Franklin Russell (hot), who works for her father. Franklin has attempted to kill Jake, and planned to kill the others who decided to bring down B-613. Now, without letting on, Olivia seduces him, and then holds him at gunpoint to find out what he has planned. She totally kicks ass. Aaannnd, I want Olivia’s wardrobe.

3) Once Upon a Time = This entire cast kicks ass. The creators of the show have brought our childhood fairytales to life with their own twists. Emma Swan, the savior, is Snow White’s and Prince Charming’s daughter. They sent her away in a magical wardrobe before the Evil Queen casts a spell on the fairytale world. Emma is tossed from one foster home to the next, winding up pregnant, and giving the child up for adoption. Fast-forward ten years, and Henry, Emma’s son, shows up in New York to bring her back to Storybrooke. Henry is convinced that all the people in Storybrooke are fairytale characters, and she can break the curse.

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Emma brings Henry back to Storybrooke, and decides to stick around for a bit. It turns out Regina, the Evil Queen, is Henry’s adoptive mother. Regina threatens Emma, which only makes Emma stay to make sure Henry is okay. And then we have the all mighty powerful, Mr. Gold, Rumpelstiltskin. Robert Carlyle rocks it. I can’t speak enough about this show. The creators bring in old and new fairytale characters, which are wonderful along with the special effects.

I won’t go into detail about a few other shows I watch religiously, but I have to mention them. The Vampire Diaries, because who doesn’t like hot looking vampires. Nashville, because I love the music they play. Stalker, because Dylan McDermott is on the show. Then there is NCIS: Los Angeles, because I like the characters, and Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. From the titles of the last two, I think you can figure out why I watch them, along with them kicking ass.

So these shows keep me company at night while my husband is grading. BUT, I can’t watch Once Upon a Time, Chicago Fire or Chicago P.D. without him. I got him addicted. And I used kick ass nine times on this post, including this one.

What are you favorite shows? Why are they your favorites?

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10 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Television

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. We haven’t had cable TV in almost 10 years but we do watch a few series on Netflix. I love Once Upon a Time. (It’s how my middle grade books are – twists on fairy tales). Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was great too. Grimm is awesome too! For my dislike of all things Vampire, Val & I love watching Being Human. Mostly hubby & I watch cop stuff lately. Blue Bloods, Hawaii 5-0… we’re waiting on new Chicago Code. (I watch Parenthood when he’s not home. LOL)

    1. June, I’m not big on the vampire things such as Twilight, etc, but I was a big fan of The Lost Boys. I like vampires, just not the cheesy vampires.

  2. The Good Wife is definitely on my list of favorite shows, and it’s hard to believe it’s still going strong after six years plus it runs for a full 22 episodes when many other shows have much shorter seasons now. I like how the show incorporates technology into the work and personal live of the characters so much. My favorite character is Kalinda, and I’m happy Alan Cumming is on the show because I just love him just because. I also love The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Orange is the New Black to name a few.

    1. Jeri, I’m surprised too. Rotten Tomatoes has ranked The Good Wife with a high score. I’m glad the seasons are long. 😀 So mad though that Finn is not going to hook-up with Alicia. I wanted that to happen. I would have thought you were a Game of Thrones kinda gal.

  3. I haven’t seen Scandal or the Goodwife, but then that isn’t my normal television preferrence. I have really gotten into Dare Devil and can’t wait for the next season. Of course this shows where I spend the majority of my viewing time. Pretty much anything super hero related ends up on my watch list.

    1. Sorry, Jon. This comment wound up in spammity spam. I never heard of Dare Devil. It seems there has been a lot of superhero television and movies over the past six years.

  4. Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of these shows. Or even heard of them. I don’t watch much TV, but I do watch a good series from time to time. Always inspires my writing (the storytelling, mainly, or the comedy). We’re both fans of Breaking Bad, Shameless, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelpiha… basically anything that’s well told but dark and offcolor.

  5. What?!!! You haven’t heard of any of the shows? Reading your blog, I’m so not surprised you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. When I was in Chicago getting free Showtime, I watched the show Dead Like Me. It was dark and humorous.

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