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YIKES! Last week, I missed my first weekly blog post this year. My husband and I have been doing some projects around the house, I’ve been working on the poetry anthology, and we’re taking advantage of his vacation. Of course, I didn’t prepare much this week either.

Here’s what I did do. I went to my old blog, Skipping Stone Memory, and read my very first blog post on August 16, 2008. When I started my blog, I didn’t have much focus. I introduced myself as an aspiring writer, talked about a writing forum I no longer belong to, and started to write poetry. Seven years later, I’m a self-published author and poet, met some awesome people along the way, and learned quite a bit about the publishing world.

Has anyone done a blog flashback?

It’s an eye opener. Also back in 2008, my husband, who was my then online friend, and I wrote a poem, Distant Exploration. I would write a line, send it to him, he’d write the next line, and then send it back. I posted this on my blog. At the time, we had only met online and didn’t know what the other looked like. We never would have thought we’d meet face-to-face seven months later let alone marry. Check out our cheesy poem.

Two similar minds reach across the pond,
Accidently they meet thoughts form a bond.
Virtual smiles and a bodyless hug,
Compliments given is like a new drug.
We spark imagination through our words,
Fly high on emotions, two blissful birds.
Secrets we share after learning to trust,
Lives we compare include culture and lust.
Rendezvous places we visit or dream,
Exploring together, a perfect team.
While bodies are stuck like birds without wings,
Accept with devotion that needs no rings.
Treasure the few times we spend together,
That help us defy life’s stormy weather.
Sharing the warmth of two souls in a cuddle,
Fingers glide, touch, the feelings so subtle.
Encouragement given pursuing goals,
No word ever lost, thanks to hidden scrolls.
Unforeseen ways of collaboration,
Post for all, sends smiles of jubilation.
Lucky we found a wonderful friendship,
The day we met, forever we’ll worship.

001 - Us at Cottonwood (800x602)This is us in 2009

In 2010, I quit my job and moved to Germany for five months. I wrote a post about how I was getting along in my new environment. I learned that grocery stores aren’t open on Sundays, gas prices averaged $7.00 a gallon, and there are five garbages to put your garbage in: organics, paper, regular, glass, and recycled.

50 - Martin and I-2 (800x602)This is us in 2010

By the end of 2012, we decided to make a life in Germany and I married my online friend. My life had a way of turning out completely different from what I had planned. If someone told me in early 2008 that I would meet a man in Germany (5,000 miles away), move there and marry him, I would have thought they were crazy. So let this be an example to all of you. It doesn’t matter how you planned your life, every choice you make veers you into another direction. All I can say is live. Keep an open mind and look forward to where life takes you.

DSC_0668 (800x530)This is us in 2012 (Wedding Day)

I’d love it if you’d share a blog flashback and tell us where you are today.

Flashback and Life Changes,
Baer Necessities

Author Interview with Mary R. Woldering

WelcoWoldering (1)me to my first author interview! Mary R. Woldering was kind enough to take the plunge with me. She is backstage, so please give a warm welcome to Mary, Mary, bo-bary, Banana-fana fo-fary, Fee-fi-mo-mary, Mary!

1.  Describe yourself in 150 words or less.

Writer of Mystical History series Children of Stone. Costumer, student of wisdom, never a master, companion, old soul, Wise MaMa, Crone (not your sweet lil’ old granny) – I’m brash, volatile, vital & out of control. I’m wise in life but the lifelong search for peace has not cooled my jets. I’m a spiritualist and spirit hunter but down to earth and often salty. I thirst for more life and new adventures. At one time I was cataloguing what I called “past lives and connections.” I still have all the notes. I’ve written them into a series.

My old identity song was “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” except I would never drive a car that fast.

In my Children of Stone series, I teach what I have seen in my dreams… many times what I saw became prophecy.

100 years ago I would have been in a madhouse.

2. Tell us about your published books.

I have published the first 2 of a possible 6 or 7 book series. Walk into history with MARAI: a humble, goddess-worshipping shepherd who becomes a god!

Voices in Crystal (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 1)Woldering (4)
Going Forth By Day (CHILDREN OF STONE Book 2)

Woldering (3)Remnants of an alien race of gods, wizards, shape-shifters, heroic mortals, immortals, slowly transform into the gods of ancient days. Like ancient superheroes, they wander through the reality of legend, RESHAPING myth and history.

And It just MOVES!

It entertains, it romps, It leaps, IT HOWLS and it’s just plain fun.

3. Did you go the traditional route or did you DIY publish?

I tried traditional in the mid 1980’s and got tired of the rejections. I realize now, the novel was not ready…and I was not mature enough or settled enough to write it…so it’s a good thing.

4. Where was your favorite travel destination and why?

I like travel PERIOD. If I have the funds and the companionship, I like just about any place. It’s more about who I am with and the situation surrounding the journey than the location.

5. If you were a picture, which room in the house do you want to be in?

The living room. I have so much living left to do!

6. Is there anything in particular that you refuse to write about, such as sex or mannequins?

Refuse, no. Be any good at is different. I really would have trouble with standard Christian fiction or HARD erotica that lasted more than a few pages. Also sunny HEA Romances would be tough because I’m always finding something dark or complex…really anything FORMULA.

7. Do you belong to any critique groups?

Northeast Cleveland Writers Group (Kevin Chapman, moderator) That may not be the exact name of the group. It meets monthly and they help me + beta read.

8. Name one thing on your bucket list.

The only thing is getting my books published and to sell well. The DREAM was for them to be made into a movie with Jason Momoa playing Marai before he gets too old. My first star I had picked out is too old now.

Maybe I would like to go to Egypt and the Middle East if there is any of it left by the time there is peace (if that will even be in my lifetime).

9.  In regards to writing, what are you working on now?

Book 3 Children of Stone – Opener of the Sky

I also asked Mary to send me any kind of picture she loved, and she sent me the below picture. It’s a drawing she did several years ago of a dream image of Marai. This is a great picture because it’s not only a drawing, but one she did herself.

Woldering (2)And if you still feel you don’t know much about Mary, watch this video of Wild Child by The Doors. Mary says, “the song is about ME “Wild Child” because she’s still inside me.”

To learn more about Mary, please visit her Author Website, Amazon Author Page, Goodreads Page, and Facebook Page.

Interviews and Getting to Know You,
Baer Necessities

Why Limit Myself?

limitsWhen I prepared to publish my first book, I hadn’t a clue as to how to publish let alone the different outlets. From reading articles and blogs, I soon realized that Createspace, Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, and LuLu were the way to go. Aside from Smashwords, I published through Createspace, Kindle, Barnes & Noble (Nook) and LuLu.

Now I’m not very good at promoting myself. AT ALL. I don’t like asking people for reviews or exchange reviews, promoting on blogs, social media, or researching the top reviewers on Amazon in my genre. I’m lazy to do any kind of promotional research, and I am uncomfortable tooting my own horn, so to speak.

Since I haven’t been able to overcome my promotional difficulties, I recently looked into other publishing outlets. I figure, the more places my books appear, the more exposure and possible sales. A couple months back, I tried to publish through iTunes Connect. The whole procedure was complicated, and when I finally got to the uploading part, I ran into a snag. It requested information regarding Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. Aside from iTunes, I don’t own any Apple products, so I aborted the process.

A few weeks ago, my husband asked me why I’m not selling my books on Google Play Books. I told him I don’t buy books from there, and he responded, “But other people do.” I do have my blond moments. He was right, so I took his advice and published on GPB. It wasn’t too difficult. For those of you curious about it, just create an account using a gmail account, upload the cover and “pdf” file, fill out the information regarding description, ISBN, length and subject, and your book will be available after it’s processed (1/2 hour). I was also allowed to choose to have my books on GPB or GPB and Google Books.

Here is a screen shot of what my GPB book page looks like for my own reads and purchases.
The links to my Google Play Books are on my website, – MY BOOKS under each book. What’s cool about GPB is that I can keep track of my favorite books, what I’m reading now, TBR list, history, purchased books, reviewed, and books suggested to me. Similar to Amazon, you can read a sample of the paperback or eBook version and write a review without leaving the site.

Here is a screen shot of my Google Books page for reads and purchases.
GBSince I recently uploaded my books to Google Play Books, I haven’t run into problems with it. There are authors who have pulled their books because GPB changes the price on the books whenever they feel the need. Since I priced my books higher, and I could use the exposure from Google itself, I think I’ll keep it on there for now. Besides, if they want to give my book away free and still pay me royalties, then I’m fine with that.

The next site I’d like to discuss is Gumroad. This site is great when it comes to costs. Taken from their site, “We take 5% + 25¢ per transaction. We don’t charge any additional monthly, hosting, or setup fees.” It was a bit clunky while trying to figure out the uploads, and such, but not too difficult. Again, the links to my Gumroad books are on my website,, MY BOOKS under each book. An inlay pops up so you don’t have to leave my site to purchase the book. Less clicks, the happier the customer.

With my next book, I’m considering a first publication run on Gumroad. If people are afraid to purchase from Gumroad, then I’ll publish  on other outlets.

Where are your books listed for publication? What are your cons and pros regarding Google Play Books or Gumroad?

Freedom and Publishing,
Baer Necessities