Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season. May we put behind all the sadness of 2016, and focus on the success of 2017.

Since my last post, I’ve been thinking about blogging and writing, and decided to take a hiatus from both. I’d like to focus on other things in my life right now. If something comes up and I want to share, I’ll post it. If I feel the desire to write again, I’ll go with it. But for now, I think it’s best to put them aside.

I wish you all a wonderful year! May all your goals and dreams come true!

New Year and Goals,
Baer Necessities

Out of This World

It’s the last of this year’s author interviews, and I’m ending it with a blast. Mary Davie’s main loves are reading and writing. Another interest, one that is the driving force in her writing, is science. Please give a warm welcome to Mary.

Describe yourself in 150 words or less.

I am probably thinking about this question more than I should have to. It’s just I am a bunch of different things. I’m that person that taught herself to read really early, that climbed the Apple tree (until we had to chop it down) to read books, maybe eat an apple.

Another part of me loves science; all we do know and all the questions that we still have. I also love the question ‘what if’. Put that with the science and I could write forever. And writing really is what makes me most happy; And reading. If I had nothing else in the world to do, I would just sit at a desk, write away; take a break, read, then write some more. Alas, it doesn’t work that way; Shame.

I am that person in the background, taking it all in; later it might show up in my writing.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

I’m not a bucket person per se – that is to when I get to the age where one might consider a bucket list, I hope I am done with everything so I can just stay home. BUT there is one thing which actually later in my life might become a possibility with commercial space travel hopefully opening up – I want to go to Mars.

Tell us about your published works.

My first three books make up the Sanacion series. It starts with Sanacion: The Black Hole Mission and that begins with all the calamities that Earth has to offer. Natural disasters and time is running out for Mankind. But Earth has a plan. 3 humongous ships built in the low gravity environment of the Moon: the Sanacion, the Memnoch, & the Clinton. This series follows the Sanacion & its passengers, the 10,000s of civilians on board, the servicemen & women, and their civilian workers. The mission of the Sanacion is to go out to V4648sgr a black hole, through it, into another Universe and find a new home. Whether it all works out that way or they take a detour, it leads to Sanacion II: We Are the Aliens and then the third Sanacion III: Remnants of the Dome. It seems to end there but after much demand, I am writing a fourth that follows the children of Admiral Stene Jensenn when they have grown up. Target Earth: You Only See What You Want To is my fourth book and was meant to be a stand-alone but early on my publisher got requests as did I through my web site for a second. I probably will as I am having so much fun with the question What if & what now?! They say Target Earth answers the question of are we alone in the universe, but it is so much more! It also looks at where the threat comes from … some might say from within!

What’s your favorite comfort food?

Chicken Pot Pie – the one where the top part is mashed potatoes!

Is there anything in particular that you love to write about, such as sex or mannequins?

My favorite thing to write about has more to do with a feeling than with an precise item. Sometimes when I write my mind just goes to the scene, like a movie but more – I am actually living, feeling, seeing what happens. It happens when I read a good book as well. So when ever that occurs (which is about ¾’s of any book I write) at that moment it is my favorite!

What is your preference when it comes to reading, paperback or eBook? Why?

I like an eBook when it is Fiction, if it is Non-Fiction I usually have two copies – one on eBook and one hard cover.

What is the worst comment someone has said to you about being a writer?

I guess I have been horribly lucky. I read someone’s review and felt torn to shreds and crippled. It made me question certain choices before I decided that no, I made the right choice. Then a friend read the review and asked me what was the matter with me – it was a good review that just said they would have liked more details about the characters physical description. Authors – we are kinda sensitive! But regarding that, I try to put in enough to paint a picture in your mind but not too many. I do check with my beta readers sometimes after they read a chapter – tell me what Steve looks like…

In regards to writing, what are you working on now?

One book working title ‘Resurrecting Earth: The Mission the Save the Earth Starts on Mars’, another which takes my Sanacion series (includes three books) and adds a 4th – when Steve’s son & daughter are grown up, and then I recently started a Production Company (Space Geek, llc) and I am doing storyboards at the moment for a NASA piece about the Journey to Mars. I have a book on deck & I am having fun thinking about it but I try not to think too hard and distract me from my current projects!

When you’re not writing, where can people find you hanging out in the virtual world?

If I am hanging in the virtual world I’m usually checking out science articles or maybe a NASA site or checking Instagram out. Some are for fresh ideas, others to check who thinks what and what neat stuff is now out.

Don’t forget to stop by Mary Davie’s Author Website and Amazon Author Page.

What ‘if’s” and Science,
Baer Necessities






I Want to Be a Writer!

posting boxI belong to several writing groups on Facebook, Google+, and Goodreads. The groups have a mixture of beginners and experienced writers with many questions and conversations regarding new writers’ concerns. I thought I’d tackle some of the postings that I’ve come across, and see if I can clarify a few things for the newbies who want to become writers. This is only my advice… which is Gold. 😀  Before I start discussing these concerns, I’d like to mention a few things.

First, don’t have too many expectations. Writing is a lonely journey. Most people in your lives won’t take much interest in your writing or publications. I’m not saying this happens to every writer, but most writers find out the hard way that their family and friends aren’t as enthused as they had hoped. But don’t get discouraged. There are plenty of writers feeling the same defeat as you, so reach out and connect with them. That’s the beauty of the internet.

Second, write for the right reason. It’s wonderful to have big dreams, but if you’re planning to become a one-hit wonder—a bestselling author making loads of money on your first book then I suggest you rethink this through. There are some inspiring success stories of writers making it big traditionally and through self-publication, but it’s rare. If you want to write, write for your love of the craft, not for fame and fortune. You’ll only find yourself muttering obscenities to an empty bottle of your choosing.

Third, don’t be selfish. New writers and even some experienced ones have a tendency to reach out and ask for feedback, sharing of social media, and reviews. It’s all good just don’t forget to reciprocate. There’s nothing worse than asking for things, yet not being willing to do it for others.

I Want to be a Writer

“I want to be a writer but how do I get ideas for stories.”

The first thing that comes to my mind is, “If you want to be a writer, I would assume you already HAVE ideas.” How can you WANT to be something when you lack influences? When someone wants to be a doctor, painter, lawyer, it’s usually because they experienced some form of it whether it be curriculum and/or a long time passion. If this love of writing comes from reading, then more power to you.

follow your heart

So if you really want to be a writer, but have no ideas, get out there and live. Get away from all electronic devices. Venture out with a pad of paper and pen to people watch. Read the writings on public washroom stalls. Listen in on people’s conversations. Jot down things you see, hear, smell, and touch. Words, small phrases, or sentences you write might turn into something bigger. There are also sites that provide daily prompts, such as Creativity Portal. Write a paragraph or more from one of the prompts. It might conjure up an idea for a novella or novel.

I Got an Idea

“Hey, I have an idea for a book. Let me know what you think.”

Why? What does it matter if strangers like or dislike your idea. If you think it’s a great idea for a story, don’t share it with others because someone might beat you to it. Keep it to yourself or share with a close confidante. Bounce ideas off someone you know and trust.

F*** the Rules

“Why does writing have so many rules? Can’t I just write without having to worry about word count, adverbs, show vs. tell?”

I don’t consider people who don’t want to educate themselves, writers. These are lazy people. People who came up with a story idea, wrote a draft, ignored editing, and published it. That’s not what writing is about. Technology has offered a way for anyone to publish, and that’s great. The only problem is when you’re expecting someone to pay for your works, you should at least have the decency to put forth effort.

The rules of writing are guides. New writers should learn them. Read books to see what does and doesn’t work. Writing is a craft, which deserves studying. Once you understand the rules, then you can break them—create your own style.


“I have a story idea, but I think it might offend some people. Should I go ahead and write the story anyways?”

Whatever you write will offend someone, so go ahead and write. Don’t worry about offending people. Of course, if your story is taboo in subject matter, it’s a given many people won’t care for it. Aside from that, get your butt in a chair and write.

Writing Full-Time

“Can I make money writing full-time?”

I’ve seen this question asked by so many people who haven’t written a word. Or they wrote a few things and decided they want to write full-time. They’re getting a little ahead of themselves. It’s very difficult to make a living from writing. If you’re willing to work hard, start writing, A LOT, and submit your works to magazines, journals, etc. You’ll never know until you try.

What do you think? Anyone want to add?

New Writers and Concerns,
Baer Necessities

P.S. If you get a chance, enter my Goodreads Giveaway. The link is on the right sidebar. Best of luck to you!





Surviving Writer

It’s author interview day today, and I’d like to introduce you to Jana Robison. A sucker for cats and dogs, Jana embraces her nerdiness, and shares her writings with us along with a little bit of her blessed life. Please welcome her and enjoy the interview.

Describe yourself in 150 words or less.

Hello! I am a (semi) retired mother, and grandmother, who is a transplant in the big ole state of Texas. I love to draw and write, and although I truly suck at it, I’m a wannabe gardener! I am a nerd, always have been, and I must have the word ‘sucker’ flashing in neon on my forehead it seems, because I seem to attract dogs and cats wherever I go! I am a little OCD, have fought mild dyslexia since being diagnosed in Jr. High, and have been accused of being far too perky. I am a two-time cancer survivor, and I am truly blessed with the support of my family, friends, and my beloved pets.

What’s your favorite first line of a book? It can be your book or another author’s.

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Tell us about your published works.

I have 7 e-books available at this time.

1.  Shards of Illusion – Suspense Novel: Young college student Maylea struggles to keep her sanity as her nightmares begin to take over her life. Desperate to escape, can she recall her dangerous past before it catches up with her?

2. Catch Me When I Fall (Fang meg når jeg faller) – Women’s Fiction: Lina’s heart disintegrates as she realizes her beloved grandmother Sissel is gone. A surprise inheritance of Sissel’s diary consumes Lina as she discovers her grandmother’s long held secret, and sends her on a journey into a foreign world.

3. Me and My Bacon – Young Adult: Struggling to deal with her mother’s indifference, and the emotional turbulence of being a teen, Mera’s world is hard enough already. Her world is turned upside down by her mother’s abrupt decision to rip her from her fast-paced city life in L.A., to the backwoods of Vermont. Can she find a way to fit in and acclimate to her new world without losing who she really is?

4. Five of a Kind – Women’s Fiction: Cheli is exhausted. 15 years of non-stop work changed her from a popular orphan to a superstar, but her new life with Alan is suffering for it, forcing her to take a break. The sudden discovery of a secret sister soon creates more drama in her personal life than any of her on-screen characters ever had to deal with. The ensuing domino effect takes her on a wild, emotionally charged adventure.

5. Somewhere New England – Women’s Fiction: A bored young woman escapes a crumbling life and has to choose between the easy way out and the right way with shocking results.

6. 5th & Flamingo – Women’s Fiction: A borderline nervous breakdown causes a structured city girl to abandon her out of control life in exchange for the unorthodox characters living by the beach that embrace her into their world.

7. Mystic Sunset – Women’s Fiction: An emergency exposes that a young woman’s life has been a lie, and she struggles to uncover her true identity.

Has writing changed the way you read? Explain.

A little, yes. Writing takes up so much of the rare free time, that it has caused me to be more choosy in the books that I chose to read. When I am finished with a novel, and have more free time though I go back to exploring works I passed on earlier.

Which do you enjoy most—character or plot development?

Definitely plot development, my characters are a struggle for me most of the time.

In regards to writing, what are you working on now?

I have three books in the works. The main one right now, is a contemporary fiction that I am absolutely in love with already! I hope to have it published this fall.

Are you a “jeans, sit at your desk” kind of writer, or a “pajamas, stretched out on the couch” writer?

Oh definitely a pajamas writer, in whatever setting I feel most comfortable in!

If you were in a band, what would be the name and what kind of music would you play?

It would probably be something like Daily Daisies, and it would be Big Band era music.

When you’re not writing, where can people find you hanging out in the virtual world?

They can find me on my Facebook Author page frequently, and much less frequently on my Twitter feed. I work in the spring so I spend my precious free time writing more than being online.

I asked Jana to provide me with a picture of a place and time in history she would have liked to have been present, and this is what she had to say.

picard and qI know this isn’t an actual place and time, but to have been on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise with Captain Picard and Q, ah… I will forever be a nerd 🙂

And that wraps it up for today. If you’d like to learn more about Jana, please visit her author website.

Nerdiness and Support,
Baer Necessities

What Makes Writers Scream

Question: Are you still writing?

graphics-circus-397078Answer: Nope. I stopped when the circus came to town. They needed a roadie so I figured why not. I could use the experience in case I don’t become a NYT Bestselling Author, I receive an eviction notice, or I’m eating out of restaurant garbage bins. The skills will open the doors for me to work as a courier for some pompous law firm. Because, hey, writing is just a hobby and it’s important to prepare for the future instead of wasting my time on such silly notions.

Question: What do you write about?

Answer: One could never know too much about the correlation between gratuities and ovulation. Research shows that lap dancers receive more tips at their heightened sexual cycles than any other time. I only examined the grind circle form leaving out the slap and tickle and breast stroke. During ovulation, the dancer’s thongs were loaded with donations.

Question: Someday I’ll write a book. I’m so busy that I probably won’t be able to until I retire. Wouldn’t it be cool if we collaborated?

Answer: Oh yes! That sounds exciting. I can discuss the steps it takes to writing a cohesive book and publishing. After that, you can discuss all the things you did sitting in your cubicle. It’s a win/win. Readers will learn about writing, and the amount of time it takes to learn the craft and the publishing industry, along with learning about your important job.

Question: My life is crazy. You should write about it.

Answer: Sure! I don’t have any other ideas to write about. The enormous amount of book ideas I write down in the journal next to my bed, the short stories I’ve written, manuscripts I’m working on just aren’t that exciting. Let’s sit down so you can tell me about your life, because obviously, I don’t have one.

Question: You wrote a book? It’s too bad I don’t read.

Answer: Are your eyes bad? Are you allergic to paper? Are e-readers too costly? I don’t read is like saying I don’t wipe my ass after I crap. Reading is essential to the mind and soul. It doesn’t matter what you read as long as you read.

Question: So you’re a writer. How much money do you make?

Answer: How much you got? I mean, I’m open to negotiations. I’d hate to tell you the offers I’ve received so far because that might sway you from matching their price. Now toss me an amount, and I’ll tell you if you’re close to what I made in sales last year. Show me the money.

Question: Are you going to be the next J.K. Rowling?

Answer: Definitely. I strive to mimic another writer’s style. There’s a girl I went to band camp with who is nuts, so I called her up and asked her to steal all of Rowling’s notebooks. Using her current books as guides, I can publish her story ideas just by swapping out character names.

Comment: What do you mean you’re busy? You don’t do anything all day.

Answer: Not true. I’ve been trying to regain my memory because I have amnesia after a car accident. My husband has been helping me piece my life together as we reflect back on how we met. I was in rehab, and then we went undercover for several months investigating some drug dealers. I fill my journal with daily things that have happened to me. From living in Chicago to moving to Seattle, I’ve tried to get away from a psycho who has been stalking me. Then I started working some crime cases. There have been three gruesome murders in the City of Chicago. My partner disappeared, and a close friend of mine was in a serious car accident. It’s up to me to solve these cases.

Response: WOW! You have been busy. I didn’t know you were in rehab, let alone, that you have amnesia.

My Response: Oh I don’t. Those are what the characters in my books have been busy doing.

What kind of crazy questions are you asked about your job?

Discussions, Crazy, and Writing,
Baer Necessities