A Way with Grammar

I’d like to spread some humor and a bit of sadness by sharing a few grammar mistakes found on signs, ads, and text. These do not need any explanation, but if you are having trouble figuring out what’s wrong with them, I suggest you attend your child’s English lessons or watch Schoolhouse Rock.

Your going to be sorry if you’re English is not good even thou their are plenty of things out they’re for you to do.

Literacy and Silence,
Baer Necessities



11 thoughts on “A Way with Grammar

  1. I heard one today on NPR, regarding the tornados that recently struck Alabama–the reporter referred to the Twisters as “suspected Tornados…” ??? Alleged Tornados?? A tornado is pretty easy to recognize and understand!

  2. Oh girl! These made me laugh and cringe at the same time! I’m someone who is a big fan of making sure you know what you’re talking about when writing or speaking English. Not a fan of grammar mistakes! And as I’m always writing for my blog, I make a point to learn and try to stick to the rules.

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