An Uncover and Conversation

I’ve been working with Ana Cruz to redo my book covers. In October, I redid a book cover for my dark, psychological suspense thriller, Net Switch.

Net Switch Fulll Mental institution. Internet chat room. Stalker. Chicago. Seattle. Murderer.

“But have you ever felt as if the room’s air is seeping out and your body starts itching from impatience?”

“The bitterness of loneliness always comes unannounced…and uninvited.”

“What little scraps of compliments he tosses my way, I gather for the times I hunger during his punishing silence.”

“I had played Russian Roulette in that chat room and lost.”

Here is the uncovering of my new cover for my women’s fiction / contemporary / romance / chick lit, Fogged Up Fairy Tale.

FUFT Full CoverAmnesia. Sarcasm. Alcohol. Sex. Romance. Adventure.

“I placed my hands under the water, added soap, and rubbed them together while transfixed with the soap booger on the dispenser. That’s how I felt. Like a soap booger. Leftover and hanging.”

“Punch-drunk indeed. My liver might not have appreciated the term, but my mind had enjoyed the ride.”

“They were a tired bunch of women, ridden hard and hung up wet, their horizontal working days far from over.”

“A fear of finding myself face down in a gutter, gurgling obscenities at some homeless person for taking my blanket while the swirl of alcohol swished around my brain.”

Do you think the book covers are a good representation of the genres?

I hope you still have some time to head on over to Jaideep Khanduja’s blog, Pebble in the Still Waters, where we talk about writing, reading, food, publication and more. Please join in.

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12 thoughts on “An Uncover and Conversation

  1. I absolutely loved your covers.Can you please possibly make a cover for a book i am writing. the name of the book is “my fight” its about a journey of heartbroken girl to believe in love again. you can check it out on wattpad—

    If you can make a cover for my book it will be a great help. you can email me the cover on my email id–

    1. Hi Diana,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I worked on the cover with my graphics design artist, Ana Cruz. I had the vision, and she made it happen. Best of luck to you.

  2. Oh wow, those two books look so interesting! Especially the first one. I recently read a psychological thriller and it was just so twisted. It was impossible to predict what would be happening next and that made me so intrigued. That sounds like it would be something similar that I could enjoy 😀

  3. When it comes to designing book covers, there are so many choices to be made! As I get ready to make print versions of my two short books, I would love to hire someone so will keep Ana in mind. Your new covers look great Denise. Each one fits the book and is visually intriguing.

    1. Jeri, I agree about the choices. Sometimes what to create makes my head spin. Ana is great to work with. She not only will do what you ask, but she also gives suggestions.

  4. I’m not just saying this, but those covers are both amazing. Top-tier stuff. They’re both incredibly eye catching, and if I saw either in a store, I’d stop to pick them up and look at them without question.

    1. ABFTS, Thank you so much. I really wanted to capture the themes in the book cover, so when someone picked it up, they’d know it’s dark or funny. I really appreciate your thoughts.

  5. I love your book covers! They definitely represent the genre. I’m looking forward to reading Net Switch. Crazy people are right up my alley 🙂

    Keep smiling,

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