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I will no longer be accepting character interviews or eulogies.

In 2018, I’ve decided to do a few things to help self-published/indie authors. Instead of the usual author interview, I chose different avenues to provide exposure to these writers’ voices. I’ll try to post these every month, depending on participation. Below is what I have planned for the New Year:

Character Interviews

Character interviews for an author’s latest published book, or books that are coming out in the near future. These interviews are from a character in the book. This gives readers insight into the character and the author’s writing. 

What is needed:

– A synopsis about the book and character, and a link to the book cover (ex. Amazon, Smashwords, etc)

– One of these choices: 1) A list of questions answered like the character, 2) once I receive the synopsis of the character, I’ll supply the questions to be answered like the character, or 3) we’ll use LinkedIn Messenger (if you have a profile) to carry on an actual text conversation with the author in character. Your choice!

For those unfamiliar with character interviews, click here for examples.

Character Eulogies

This popped into my head recently, so I’m not sure how well it will work but I thought it would be interesting for a writer to do a character eulogy. A eulogy is a piece of writing given when someone dies, a tribute to them. Depending on your character, the eulogy would be about the horrible, funny, sweet things they did in the world. It’s another way for readers to get a feel for the character. 

What is needed:

– A blurb about the book, a link to the book cover, and a link to the author’s website.

– A character eulogy (250 to 500 words).

Writing Prompts

Writing prompts are a great way for readers to get a taste of a writer’s writing. Of course, this can be done anywhere, but here they will be posted with others and readers can comment. 

What’s needed:

– Periodically check my blog’s sidebar where I’ll provide the prompt and deadline. This is your chance to subscribe to my blog.

– 250 to 500 words based off the prompt, which will be posted on the site for readers to enjoy.

– A link to the author’s website and/or Amazon profile

If you’re interested in any of the above, please email the What’s needed information to denise at authordenisebaer dot com. Whatcha waitin’ for? Get writing!

Writing and Exposure,
Baer Necessities

12 thoughts on “Extra! Extra! Read all about the Opportunities!

  1. Hey, Denise! I hope you didn’t go out and buy INCOGNITO: Life on the Lam, because I am going to gift you a copy through Amazon Kindle. I mentioned you. Thanks for your support over the years. Doing an interview with Jack Studdard would be awesome!

    Thanks for your stellar edit of Catalina Eddie years ago! That one has not gone away. I have decided to do the rewrite as a first-person / present-tense narrative from Dominic Bellagio’s POV. Since the thing is over 100k words, I have a lot to play with.

    Cheers! JIM IN MT

    1. Hey Jim! So good to see you and learn that you published! YAY to you!!!! I was going to purchase it today, but you beat me to it. Thank you for the gift, and I’m looking forward to reading it. That’s so nice of you to mention me. I’ve always enjoyed our online discussions about life and writing. Thank you for all of your support. It’s meant a lot to me.

      In the future, I’ll be on the lookout for Catalina Eddie. For now, I would love to do an interview with Jack Studdard. I’ll shoot you an email.

      Again, Congratulations!!!!

    1. And Jack Studder is intrepid and more. Can you believe I called him Studdard in the previous comments. See, this is why we need editors!

      Jim (Adam James) in MT 😎

    2. Thanks, Laurette! You might want to think about introducing us to Oliver from The Passage of Desire. Shy and caring, a hottie, and then bam, take us to bed! 🙂

  2. HI Denise

    Would love to do a character interview ,- John Campbell-John from my Novel, Gospels.

    A story of discovery, of adventure from the River Nile to the endless deserts of Sinai, from ancient Egyptian tombs to fabulous golden artefacts, and ultimately a personal redemption.

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